Triiodide antimony  SbI3
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Application field
Application Field
三碘化锑 (SbI3)
1,技术对接:非湿法工艺,不含任何结晶水. CVD工艺:锑与碘化氢气体化学气相沉积:2Sb+ 6HI = 2SbI3 + 3H2;
2,检验: ICP-MS (99.99%纯度:所有的杂质元素低于100ppm); 
          SEM :  ( 扫描电镜);
3,物理特性: 红色结晶体,高温时挥发,在水中分解生成碘化锑沉淀 ;分子量:502.16 蒸汽压: 0.13kPa(163.6℃), 熔 点: 170℃ 沸点:401℃ 溶解性:溶于醇、盐酸; 4,用途:半导体掺杂-Doping ;
Product description
Antimony triiodide (SbI3)
CVD process: chemical vapor deposition of antimony and hydrogen iodide: 2Sb+ 6HI = 2SbI3 + 3H2;
2. Test: icp-ms (99.99% purity: all impurity elements below 100ppm);
XRD :(the main peak is completely symmetrical);
SEM: (scanning electron microscope);
3. Service: MSDS and practical protective measures are provided (we will provide you with the most effective solution in the first time when the customer accidentally inhales). Provide application solutions for materials; Provide free samples;
4, physical characteristics: red crystal, volatile at high temperature, decomposition in water to generate antimony iodide precipitation; Molecular weight: 502.16 vapor pressure: 0.13 kPa (163.6 ℃), melting point, boiling point: 170 ℃ 401 ℃ solubility: soluble in alcohol, hydrochloric acid;
5. Use: semiconductor Doping -Doping;
6. Introduction of similar products: lead iodide (PbI2); Silver iodide (AgI); Sodium iodide (NaI); Cuprous iodide (CuI2);
7. Purity: 99.99%;
8. Packaging: bottle: 1Kg/ bottle, vacuum packaging of aluminum composite film;
9. Delivery time: 5-10 days.
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